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inner harmony, 8-week course

8 tailored 1/1 sessions.
Open messaging support.
Access to quietnote online resources.
quietnote care package
This programme is tailor-made around your concerns, and offers a unique path to having full control over your stress, helping you to attain a new sense of balance.
Lex, after just a single one-hour session, established a daily meditation routine that he still sticks to now.
“I certainly look forward to the sessions each week, at the end of each session I feel very positive and grounded.”

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We guarantee that to help you control your stress levels and prevent burnout within 8 weeks, or we’ll keep working with you for free!

Wanting to take your wellbeing to the next level?

Wanting to develop a stronger awareness of your body and mind to boost your wellbeing and mental health to the next level? Or perhaps you just want to invest in yourself?
Mindfulness through music can help you do exactly that.

Lack of Time & Overwhelm

Struggling with a lack of time and feeling overwhelmed by daily responsibilities? We provide proven techniques to help you regain control, reduce overwhelm, and create more space in your life for what truly matters.

High levels of stress and pressure?

Experiencing a constant feeling of stress alongside mounting pressures? We combine mindfulness practices with music to provide accessible, no nonsense techniques to properly equip you in managing these difficulties.

our three pillars



Conquer negative thought patterns, overcome limiting beliefs, and gain mental clarity. Achieve immediate control, reduce stress, and boost your energy levels with our accessible mindfulness toolkit.


Learn to use music in a way that will pro-actively control your stress levels as well as boosting your emotional regulation, energy levels, release chronic tension and improve the quality of your sleep.


Achieve personal growth, eliminate procrastination, and stay committed to your goals. Experience structured support and a thriving community to ensure you remain accountable and make lasting transformations.

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