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In February 2021 I was really pleased to be invited onto The Mental Music Podcast as a guest speaker. I joined Max Thomas (founder of Mental Music) for an afternoon to talk about mental health, the work quiet note is doing highlighting music in the practise of mindfulness and meditation,  as well as the importance of being pro-active about self-care. It was a lovely afternoon and I am really please to share the podcast as well as some words from Max himself.

A note from Max Thomas - founder of Mental Music

Hi there, my name is Max, and I am the founder of Mental Music! I am also primarily a saxophonist who likes to specialise in classical and contemporary repertoire, and a multi-instrumentalist.
I started Mental Music back in September as my way of creating and maintaining more conversations in and around the topic of mental health and wellbeing for musicians and those like myself in higher music education. I have had my fair share of experience with mental health, be it anxiety, depression, low mood- I have had to do a lot of personal work alongside my studies (often without much support) to get better! So, to see what I could do to gather more awareness on the issue, I started talking with fellow colleagues of mine, and the answers would always amount to a similar conclusion:
“I wish people talked about it more, that way I wouldn’t have felt so alone and could have gotten help sooner.” 
And that is why I started this project! Interviewing musicians who have been through these things, talking through those experiences, what they did that helped, and what they maybe do to help others! So I hope you enjoy these conversations, and know that if these topics resonate with you, that’s okay! Mental Music is about saying, “It’s not unusual, and you’re not alone”. 
If you would like to be a part of Mental Music, and you are in any way part of the creative arts, please feel free to contact me at thementalmusicpodcast@gmail.com.
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