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I personally believe that through music anything is possible. To describe a wonderful piece of music in words is near impossible but I’m sure we have all had those goosebump moments where our hair stands on end, perhaps you have even been moved to tears? Our greatest adventures are usually accompanied by a soundtrack. Music can transport us, be used as a tool for expression and help us through our darkest days.

When I talk to people about the power of music I am pretty much always met with agreement. Yet when I talk about meditation in the same way, people usually become hesitant and start making up excuses. “I’m sure it works but I would never have the time to take it seriously.”

To me, music, meditation, and mindfulness are fruits picked from the same tree, wonderful and unique in their own right but together they can work towards the same goal: a deeper experience of the world, a better connection to the present moment, a healthier and happier life. This is what quietnote is.

We carefully compose unique pieces of music to help people gain a deeper and stronger understanding of music, meditation and mindfulness. As a member of quietnote, you have access to a wide range of resources spanning from pieces to help you relax, visualisation exercises, blogs and articles about the embodied world, meditations, mindful practices and it is all accompanied by music. We don’t do a lot of guided work because we believe that to get a deeper experience it should just be you and the music. That’s not saying there are no guided meditations, but for the majority it’s just you and the music.

Each piece of music is accompanied by a range of exercises to practise as well as a calming animation. The animation is there as a visual anchor if you don’t feel comfortable closing your eyes. I would personally recommend practising with your eyes closed for most of our exercises because it will help deepen your experience but if that’s not you then enjoy the calming looped animations.

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“We carefully compose unique pieces of music to help people gain a deeper and stronger understanding of music, meditation and mindfulness.”

There are many fantastic apps, classes and other ways out there to get into meditation and mindfulness but through quietnote we offer a unique way to give you a fresh new perspective on yourself. You remain our focus and priority which is why we have created a safe and comfortable space for you to quietly enjoy our music. We are a small local business with huge aims and aspirations. We have created quietnote out of the love for what we do, and I hope you can feel that when you use our site.

I really hope that we can help you find something special here and assist you on your journey to a more peaceful and fulfilled life.



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