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31 musical meditations for your month

Through this article I would like to share 31 musical meditations. One for you to practise every day of the month. Most of them are really quite short, a few of them require a little bit more time but I’ve designed them to fit into your day no matter what. You can try them at your desk to give your mind a rest whilst at work or save them for the evening to help you rewind and relax. As with all of our mindful practices, if and when you find your mind wandering off, simply acknowledge where it’s gone and bring it back to the focus, whatever that may be. I hope you have a wonderful month, whatever may be in store for you.

When I invite you to listen, all I want you to do is listen. Try to avoid multi-tasking. Make time to focus on just listening.

I invite you to…
1. Listen to the sounds of your breath for two minutes.
2. Go for a walk and spend some of that time listening to the sounds of your footsteps.
3. Listen to your favourite piece of music.
4. Listen to a piece of music you’ve never heard before.
5. Click here and explore the following quietnote track (membership required).
6. Stand outside and listen to the wind and the movement of the air. What can you hear?

Have you tried closing your eyes whilst listening?

7. Listen to the sounds of your environment for five uninterrupted minutes.
8. Happy International Woman’s Day! Today I invite you to explore this composition by the wonderful female composer Fanny Mendelssohn.
9. Click here and tune into the quietnote meditation of the week (membership required).
10. Make a cup of tea and listen to all of the sounds that happen whilst you make your tea.
11. Can you find some bird song?
12. Go out and find a tree, spend a moment listening to the sounds it makes.
13. How does a single raindrop sound when it hits the floor?
14. Click here and listen to this piece of music. Where does this piece of music take you?
15. Listen and tune into the gentle rise and fall of your breath.
16. Go for a walk and focus on nothing but the sounds happening all around you.

Spend an additional moment feeling grateful to yourself for allowing yourself the time to pause.

17. Listen to a new piece of classical music. Not sure where to look? Click here.
18. Listen to a song/piece from your favourite band or artist.
19. Listen to a song/piece that reminds you of your childhood.
20. Can you find the sound of  natural running water?
21. Listen to your heartbeat.
22. Place your hands over your ears and listen.
23. Click here and explore the following quietnote track.
24. How does the weather sound today?
25. Listen to some blues. Not sure where to look? Click here.

How are you feeling at the moment?

26. Listen to the sounds you create whilst making dinner.
27. Listen to a piece of music you’ve never heard before.
28. Listen to a song or piece that reminds you of a distinct memory.
29. Listen to the sounds of your breath. What is the difference in sound between breathing from your nose and breathing from your mouth?
30. Click here and explore the following quietnote track.
31. Thank you for joining me all the way through the month, I really hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and found some special moments this month? Today I invite you to reflect on the month we have just had by reading over all of the meditations you have done. Choose one which really resonated with you and explore it again for our final day. 

thank you for taking the time to read

Click here to get in touch with any questions or thoughts. 

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