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Month: April 2022

Why these numbers are so important, regardless of your mental health.

Whether you are in peak health, have been struggling with severe mental health difficulties or find yourself somewhere in between, this article is for you and it might just help to save someone’s life. In this article I am wanting to highlight some of the most important numbers, websites, and online chat services aimed at helping people with their mental health. Some are for emergency situations, but the majority are there to help out when life gets difficult and you’re not sure where to turn.

What you must keep in mind is that you may not need to use this information, but I can guarantee that you need to know this information. One of the most important reasons for having easy access to these facilities is because if you find yourself in an emergency mental health situation, such as dealing with someone who is suicidal, then having quick access to these numbers might save their life. As well as this, the last two years have taught us that anything can happen.  Mental health problems are bought on by hundreds of different reasons; having this knowledge might just lend you a helping hand one day.

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