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But what actually is mindfulness? Everyone is talking about, but every time I have a go at meditation, I just end up more frustrated than I was before I sat down. I would love to give it a go but I never really have the time for it…
Well, that’s where quietnote comes in. We are a start-up company who use our expertise in music to offer an innovative and highly accessible approach to mindfulness. We know that teaching mindfulness through music can offer a simple yet effective way for you to finally ‘get mindfulness.’

My name is Will Crawford, and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to our first ever online video course: quietnote, in tune. A ground-breaking course designed to teach you everything there is to know about mindfulness through music. Spanning six engaging episodes, quietnote, in tune takes you on a unique journey. The course interweaves mindfulness techniques and music to deliver an immersive, transformative experience. Drawing from my own personal experiences and knowledge, each episode explores a distinct theme, from mindful listening to mindful walking, giving you an in depth overview of the practice.
One of the unique elements of our course is the immersive experience provided through the classical guitar. This intimate instrument helps to create the perfect space for truly understanding how music and mindfulness work together. The gentle warm tone from the classical guitar helps to create a calming and peaceful environment, perfect for practising meditation. In addition to this, we maintain a strong focus on the breath—arguably our most personal and readily available mindfulness techniques. By combining the music of the classical guitar with thoughtful breathing exercises, I aim to strengthen your wellbeing and emotional resilience inherent in each of us, fostering a deeper connection with ourselves and the world we live in.
Alongside this relaxing atmosphere, this course aims to improve your focus, reduce stress levels, and boost your energy. You will be invited to bring mindfulness into everyday activities, fostering positive habits of presence and appreciation in your day to day.
The quietnote, in tune course doesn’t just present mindfulness and music as mere concepts. It invites you to truly experience them, to make them an integral part of your life, and to enjoy the rewards that they bring. Regardless of your musical or meditative background, I am confident that you will find this course a meaningful and enriching journey. You don’t need any experience in either mindfulness or music, this course has something to offer for everyone. Alongside the 6 episodes you will also have access to the entire of the quietnote membership as well as an online course work booklet, meditation candles and a ‘my quietnote journey’ notebook, helping to maximise your experience.
As the founder of quietnote, I am deeply committed to sharing the power of music and mindfulness. The tools and insights offered in this course provide an invaluable aid for navigating our busy lives by reconnecting with yourself and what truly matters to you. This is more than just a course; it’s an opportunity to tune into the world and yourself in a more meaningful, deeper way. Let’s make a start.
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