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Welcome back, quietnote

We want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time, so we offer a range of meditations in time, depth and experience. If you are wanting a more serious commitment, we would suggest looking at one of our courses but if you are just wanting a way to unwind for 5 minutes, we have plenty of short and easy tracks which are perfect for making that little bit of time for yourself.

Not only is the music specifically written for the exercise, but we have personally designed soft animations for each of our videos to help create a visual stimulus. In some cases, the animation actually helps lead you through the meditation. We want to go that extra step as well, not only do we operate on an online basis we want to work with you in your community. We offer the opportunity for you to book a trained and professional mindfulness practitioner to come to your event, workplace, school, community group or anywhere you would like and lead a session in mindfulness and meditation. We believe it is extremely important that you have the opportunity to experience mindfulness not just online but also in-person. Having this experience can offer you a deeper understanding leading to a healthier experience, better mind set, calmer body and an overall healthier wellbeing.

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