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Medical Disclaimer

Last revised: 03/06/2023

We want to make sure you are safe and comfortable whilst using our site and resources. But please keep in mind that you are at your own risk and liability when using our site, please make sure your mental and physical health is adequate to participate. Any doubts or concerns should be discussed with a professional health care specialist or your personal GP/physician. quietnote is note liable and takes no responsibility for any injury or inconvenience, mental or physical, which takes place whilst you use our site, resources and content.

Full disclaimer

quietnote is an online and mobile provider of meditation, mindfulness and musical content in the health and wellbeing space. We are not a provider of health care or treatment, nor should you consider our site as medical advice. Any medical advice should be given by your GP, physician or a medical health care professional. While third party evidence exists that mindfulness, music and meditation can assist in many medical and social areas quietnote makes no claims, representations, or guarantees that our site provides physical, mental, therapeutic, or medical benefit.

Any information provided about health and wellbeing, by quietnote or by external links/providers, is simply provided for interest and convenience.

By participating in any movement-based content, you represent and certify that you have adequate physical health to perform and practise such activities and have no disability or condition that would make such activities and movement dangerous.

If you have a disability, prior injury, a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, other chronic illness, or condition you should consult your GP, a licensed physician, or health care professional before beginning or modifying any exercise program that you undertake. You acknowledge that quietnote has advised you of the importance of doing so. 

Advice or other material supplied by quietnote is provided for convenience, interest and other general information purposes only. They are not to be relied upon or substituted for professional medical advice.

We are not liable and take no responsibility in the consequences of your actions and decisions for using our resources and content. quietnote is note liable and takes no responsibility for any injury, metal or physical, which takes place whilst you use our site, resources and content. To the fullest extent permitted by law we make no representation, guarantees, or warranties for the completeness, accuracy, and/or suitability for the advice and other information published on our site.

There have been rare cases where people with certain psychiatric problems (such as asthma, epilepsy, anxiety, depression) have experienced degenerating conditions and/or ‘episodes’ in combination with meditation practice. Users with pre-existing mental health conditions should speak with their GP or health care official before undertaking any form of meditation practice.

We would be happy to offer any advice or guidance if you have a concern about this disclaimer. Please email us at info@quiet-note.com.

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