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sunflower competition!

Enter for your chance to win a years subscription to quietnote and a free music-mindfulness session for you and your friends!

The rules are simple:

Plant and care for a sunflower over the summer.

Take photos of your journey and upload it to social media, making sure to tag us in any photos.

When your sunflower stops growing, record the height and send it in by tagging us in your photo.

The tallest sunflower we receive is the winner!

*full terms below*

Three mindful lessons sunflowers can teach us 
As we embark on our sunflower’s journey one thing we will realise is that you cannot rush this process. The best time for planting is May and it will flower around mid-late August, this gives you about four months to enjoy your sunflower. Life is not a race even though it can often feel like it. In the end we all come and return from the same place. The natural world is a wonderful example of these important lessons. Let your sunflower teach you the art of slow and steady.
This journey is not as simple as plant a seed and wait for it to grow. Your sunflower will need care, attention and love. As your sunflower grows I invite you to spend time with it. Watch how it changes as the summer passes, look out for new leaves and shoots, watch as the flower first begins to appear.  When you find yourself taking time to observe, focus your mind and attention on its details, try to see what is new each day, perhaps you could even keep a diary? It only takes a couple of minutes each day and this time can act as a way to ground and centre yourself to the present moment. 
Putting down the phone.
We are really excited to see your photos and your sunflower’s progress through social media! However we don’t want you to become too immersed in the online side of this, we’d much prefer you to become immersed in the offline side of things. When it comes down to it we’re going to have put the phone down and get our hands dirty. The feeling of potting up seeds in fresh compost is wonderful and can be an excellent mindful exercises. The feel, the smell, the sound! It’s all there. It doesn’t stop there either, when you are observing or practising patience this can be enhanced by leaving your phone inside and stepping away from the busy online world. 

Tips and tricks! 

When it comes to buying your sunflower seeds make sure you purchase seeds that are to be sown and not eaten! You can pick them up from loads of spots but I would personally recommend the following shop: 
The internet is full of growing tips and tricks to help you take care of your sunflower. If you’re looking for a place to start I would recommend the Royal Horticultural Society:
Full conditions to enter:
1. To enter you must tag us in a permanent social media post. If we are not tagged we won’t know you have entered, so be sure to get in touch!
2. The sunflower must be grown from seed, we will know if you’ve bought a full-grown sunflower from the shop.
3. We will only accept entries on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or Facebook. Click the links below to find our social media pages.
4. When submitting your final photo, to prove the height you must take a photo of the entire sunflower next to a measurement device (we suggest a tape measure).
5. Feel free to plant as many sunflowers as you want but you can only submit one! 
6. If the winner is a member already paying for a quietnote members account they will receive the following year free of charge.  
7. Anyone is free to enter but players under 18 must have their parent/guardians consent to enter.
8. If you have any queries, questions or concerns please email us via info@quiet-note.com 
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